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Juneteenth is more than a day! It’s a lifestyle… & a surprise!!!!

Juneteenth, well, it’s a nice little combination between the words June and nineteenth, but what does it really mean?

You see, when slavery was abolished (not out of the kindness of America’s heart but to calm the rising storm of civil wars), there were reluctant states that did not want to end slavery, namely, TEXAS, also a couple of other states, but I would like to redirect the attention back to the enslaved Africans in this story.

First celebrated in Galveston, Texas; freed Africans held celebrations to commemorate the ending of slavery in June 19, 1865 (3 years after Abraham Lincolns emancipation proclamation), it is considered the “longest-running African-American holiday”. These celebrations were often held in churches, or near bodies of water, because even though we were physically “free”, we were still “prohibited” from using public facilities. It is Black people’s TRUE Independence Day, we don’t celebrate July 4th around here being that we were still enslaved while white Americans were fighting to be free from the British. We celebrate Juneteenth with educational events, barbecues, and use the time to reflect on where we’ve come from, strategizing where we’re going.

After a while, the holiday became more commercialized, and in Texas, became a paid reduced staff holiday. It used to be called Jubilee Day amongst other names, because it truly was a celebration of freedom. Black Texans raised their own money to purchase 10 acres of land to celebrate Juneteenth, that meant a lot to celebrate our own holiday on on own land. It soon gathered Black Texans from all over Texas. I often say that what used to be survival for us has now become commercialized and watered down. I say that about everything from Caribbean carnival to jerk Chicken to African spirituality. We’ve now commercialized it for tweets and likes and sponsorships. I would like to remind us all that we should get to the root of our traditions, not that we shouldn’t have fun, but we should never take it for granted. Everything we do should be to uplift our people, make sure we educate our communities, celebrate our holidays, and sell our products with joy and integrity, with authenticity.

I created the Juneteenth sale because I want to celebrate it with something the customers can take away with meaning. These Melanated Gem RBG Freedom sets were created for my audience (who mostly identify as Pan-Africans) but with an empowerment message, I pray you all receive the items with joy and truly understand your purpose and value. I created the Decolonize Your Mind courses to really help us break down the walls of colonialism in our mind body and spirit, and for individuals to walk away understanding their purpose. As you all know, DiasporAfri, LLC is for all Black people, the Global Black Diaspora, I like to highlight holidays and traditions that are meaningful to us, but I always remind us that the work is 365. I hope that the whole Global Black Diaspora can join along in celebrating Juneteenth as we begin to join our movements together.

Enjoy 20% off of Melanated Gem RBG Freedom Sets until 6/21, enjoy 50% off July Decolonize Your Mind Courses until 6/21 as well. I strive to provide service for the Global Black Diaspora with the upmost joy and integrity. Happy Juneteenth, everyone, we are FREE!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Juneteenth is more than a day! It’s a lifestyle… & a surprise!!!!

  1. Dr. Muhammad said it too; get to the root, as opposed to seeking and obtaining branch knowledge! Happy Juneteenth!

    1. Word! Applied knowledge is best, happy Juneteenth !!!

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