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The Fight Is Not Over, We Have Already Won… #TeachMeTuesdays

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No matter how strong something may seem, if it’s meant for you to defeat it, you will – I had that thought today as I had a long battle that I eventually was victorious in. At times I thought it was over, it wasn’t; I thought it was getting tougher, no, I was getting tougher. You see, battles may come, but as long as you’re intentional, you will win. Especially as Black people, a lot of times what’s going on in society may make one think that’s it’s not worth the fight, but I’m here to tell you, when you are fighting something, it is fighting back – it WILL get bolder in its attack. Nobody reacts to “power” being taken away with ease, the fight back is expected. Never succumb to tactics used to scare you to silence, always get louder and more strategic with your approach. Each time you do, you empower a generation. Anytime we speak defeat, ie. “black people are doomed”, that is speaking your expectations. Speak clear expectations, then act on them, ie. “Black people will win in 2021!”. The fight may look harder, but that’s because that’s just how it is, as much as people play video games, you’d think that everyone has grasped that concept. Each level gets harder, not easier. It gets easier when you continue to defeat because you know that you have a track record now of victoriousness. That is how I live my life. I look at my life and don’t stress about situations because I say “I know I’ll be alright”… it’s the other people around me stressing about things I don’t stress about, and it breeds jealousy at times because people expect me to be down, and wonder how I maintain positivity all the way to victory. That is life, but if we individually face each battle, collectively we will face each battle and win, that means global wins. Everything from the small act of racism to the institutional act should be challenged as if it is the most important fight on earth. No act of racism is light considering 401 years – fight, fight, fight!

The battle is not over until you win.

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