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Well, There’s Good News! #ForwardFridays

Hello All! I figured I would run into this but I tried anyway, I updated my book with new, groundbreaking, information, and it was rejected. There’s GOOD NEWS! I have uploaded the document to Google drive, and you can purchase it by clicking below, as soon as I see your payment come through, I will send you the link to the document. It is 212 pages of goodness. Once I reword it a bit and resubmit it, I can send you a hard copy if you’d like, or allow you to download it to Kindle for free. This is the 2nd edition of “The Day I learned to Cook Oatmeal: A Journey of Faith, Love, & Redemption”. You’ll find out why I title it this once you read (wink). It is a of bit my life story, how I decolonized my mind to get to new information, which led me to the Igbo story. I go through a deep analysis of observations I have made in the Global Black Diaspora, how to demolish those ways of thinking, and suggestions on how to move forward. I provide analysis and strong evidence on the Igbo story and how it connects us globally as a Diaspora. I believe that this book will help liberate some minds, and give practical ways to start living in your truth. I had great reviews the first time, and I pray that it reaches all of you who it is supposed to reach.

Also, I have released my Melanated Gem™ RBG Freedom Set. This set is a handmade Headband, Bracelet, and Waist Beads with the Red, Black, and Green PanAfrican colors. Red Black and Green are also the colors of the Igbo Biafran Flag, many of you know that millions of Igbo lives were lost and are still being lost at the hands of the Nigerian government. Everywhere we are in the world, Igbos our fighting for our lives, let us unite and free each other across the Diaspora!

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