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Revelations, Revelations: #TeachMeTuesday

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So I remember telling you all last week that I had a revelation that made me cry. It seems that everything came full circle. I remember connecting the dots of the Igbo story and the bible, I said to myself, “wait a minute”, if white people have always hidden everything else about black people, what could they be hiding in one of the greatest stories ever told, the bible? Now, you all know I’ve read the bible from Genesis to revelation. We have to admit, even if people do not believe in it, it is one of the greatest and most influential stories evert told. Now, digging deep into it, you find the misinterpretations and additions of white males that created it into a European story, but one cannot deny it’s Africanness after fully investigating and comparing it to African narratives just as I did. People who have not read it tend to focus on the negative things, but don’t be fooled, white people, who had no God, could not have created that whole story by themselves, they needed something to rely on. They hid our identity and tried to make us hate ourselves simply because we are the people that they need to survive, we are the image of God, we are the powerful, the creators, everything about the earth comes from Africa. We are the originators, the chosen, the ones who if united would tear down everything set up against us. Igbo people are significant to the story because as they have tried to search for humanity in Kemet, I found overwhelming evidence of Igboness in the diaspora, it is beneficial to know our origin. Again, research says that at least 60% of African Americans have 1 Igbo ancestor, I talked about major caribbean themes that lead back to Igbo culture and are continued Igbo customs, such as the biggest Caribbean event every year, the carnival. I found overwhelming evidence of customs and traditions leading back to Igboness, we are the ones who have been scattered into the 4 corners of the earth. This does not eliminate any other African group, but, it gives more insight into the origin and continuation of customs that we see throughout the diaspora. I have written this how it came to me the day it came to me.

Igbo is Abraham.
Igbo is the mother of all nations.
Eri is the father of the Igbos who established a city in Nigeria 
Eri in Hebrew means my city. 
Igbos are literally Abraham 
Eri traveled by water to establish a new city in Aguleri, Anambra State
Eri was commanded to travel by a “Sky God” 
Abraham traveled from Ur to Canaan 
Abraham was commanded to travel from Ur to Canaan
Abraham was commanded to settle in a new land 
Abraham was commanded to sacrifice his children 
Eri was commanded to sacrifice his children 

Well, this information allowed me to complete part 4 of my book, and it honor of that, it will be available on June 4th, in the meantime, since I promised a Gullah Geechee post, I will post it tomorrow, but I wanted to share the revelation that I promised I’d share today. Obviously you all will have questions, so I recommend reading the entire book to see how I connected the dots!!!!!

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  1. Congratulations beloved on finishing all parts of the book.

    1. Thank you!!!!!!

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      3. Mad love and respect family.

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