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Do White Female Teachers’ Perceptions of African-American Male Students Have a Significant Impact on African-American Males Overall School Performance?

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Hello All! Long name right? Well, the title of this paper I wrote in my 1st semester of grad school (2011) required it. At the time, I was going to school and teaching, and I had so many experiences defending Black children against the vileness that was placed upon them by white teachers, it was a terror, imagine how it was for the kids? The school was 99% Black, but the teachers were 97% white and female. The young Black boys were physically restrained and abused – I call it abuse, even though it’s “protocol”, at the young age of just 5 for being a little rowdy? I’ll tell you a story, one time, a white female teacher restrained a 4 year old Black boy with her knee in his back and his hands restrained behind his back, and was wondering, even asking me why he wouldn’t calm down. I remember after that, I took him and rocked him to sleep like a baby, and he fell asleep, so gentle! She said “oh it must be your breasts”, and I said that he’s a child! Well, that’s 1 of 1000 stories dear, so I was inspired, as a student of Africana Studies to go deeper into this inherent fear of Black boys, that at the tender age of 4 and 5, and all the way up to adulthood, white women always approach Black men from a place of fear. I believed it was and does affect their school performance. I literally worked so hard on this for my Research in Methods class taught by Dr. Marcia Sutherland, (the toughest most loving professor ever), she’s from Jamaica, she wore African attire to work every single day without fail, and she made us WORK for our grades, you hear me? I got an A+ on this paper, enjoy!

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