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400 400 400! #WordyWednesdays

Hello all! So I know it’s not Music Mondays but, it’s still Wordy Wednesdays, LOL, and my songs still have words in the right? Well, as an addition to yesterday’s blog post, I want to share a song with you that I wrote and produced that explains the blog post perfectly. It was written and published on SoundCloud in February 2020, called History Lesson: 400. Here’s the lyrics © 2020

Red Igbo 
Red adam
Red bone on her throne
Not the type you used to know
First woman Ada Born

Igbo made
Hebrew slave
Colonized, Egypt came
4 rounds
Igbo’s saved
Egypt made, price paid

Stubborn slave
Idols made
Gunned down, fight for change
No change made
Idols came
Brainwashed, new slave trade
Black star line
Fallen soldiers
We forgotten, thee begotten
We forgot the price paid

Future reference
Ain’t no preference
Black skin they see reckless
But forget them
Let’s respect us
Let’s protect us
Don’t neglect us

Our ancestors fought so reckless
They deserve the best remembrance
Let’s do this in the remembrance
Of our soldiers past & present....


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