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#WordyWednesdays – An Igbo Journey

choir practicing in church
So today I want to talk about the story of yesterday
When I went on a journey to find the truth of my own way
I read the bible front to back in search of victory
In turn I was reversed into an Igbo destiny.

I took all I could learn and left the lies unto the gods
To trample them and leave my mind for it was not too hard
If I could just see truth and light the darkness wouldn't go on
And finally I'd be able to remove what doesn't belong. 

The pagans told a story of a time when they weren't there
The faithful ones and righteous ones were left to their despair
How can you tell a story when it doesn't belong to you?
And then I realized the pagans were the ones searching for truth.

If truth was in my blood then I'd surely recognize my own
Truth already told me that my life lies with the throne
The throne looks like my people and speaks our language through and through
The pagans messed up big time when their lies conflicted truth

They hid it in their lifestyle but my spirit called it out
My presence makes you give in I can hear your demons shout
You can't handle my lifestyle & the crown doesn't fit you
When given to my people even 1 crown becomes 2.

Community, ubuntu, our inheritance is shared
No African superior so no need to be scared
The first shall be last, and the last shall be first
We've maintained both places and our wealth has been dispersed

This is an Igbo story, I hope you can relate
I hope you will join all 12 tribes & help participate
I hope you know that when we join that we'll all celebrate
I hope you know I love you & I'll let that melanate. 

~Ndidi Love~

4 thoughts on “#WordyWednesdays – An Igbo Journey

  1. I need to keep up with your weeklies, I dig these!

    1. Oh thanks! I try lol

  2. Well said, our history continues to be revealed through your faithful efforts!

    1. Amen, thank you!

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