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Hello All! I wrote a new verse for my Twitter audience and they really loved it. I took a few days to rest and all of a sudden my creative mind came back around to me. Creativity is where my mind flourishes. I feel like if I could have made a song a day, that would be what drives me each day. It fuels an energy in me that is unmatched. Literally creating lyrics and perfecting it – the sound of it, the intonations, the facial expressions, music is an art in every form. So I wrote this, and I pretty much kept it how it is from the time I wrote it which was about 2am last Friday, after I had finished creating waist beads, a headband, and bracelet as part of the Melanated Bundle through my Melanated Gem handmade jewelry series (be sure to custom order yours today). So I was literally creative all day, and that led to my mind being free and creating. That being said, I will still blog, but I will be creative in my writing. I believe in structure, but what last Thursday did for me, brought back a new energy, I love music and creative writing! Today is #MusicMonday, so we focus on the music, but, tomorrow is #TeachMeTuesday, so we focus on IGBO’s of course, stay tuned! Check out my latest rap below!

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