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Keep it in the Family #SoulfulSundays

Today I had a meeting about what we should do with the land in the family and I was so happy that as descendants of enslaved Africans who were given 100 acres of land and a mule, that we chose to keep the 30 acres that’s left. It’s interesting that the area where the land is in the same area where so many Igbo enslaved Africans were brought to, that is the area that I visited a few years ago to look at the Igbo village that has been reenacted at one of the museums. I would love if we could give legacy to both the Igboness and legacy of our great grandparents. I have my ideas but I’ll keep them now to myself.

Anyway, I feel that as a people as we are growing and moving forward with our liberation, that we should remember never to sell our legacies. So many of us have had legacies whether products or businesses that were bought out by corporations all in the name of the dollar. We have to look at legacy only, everything isn’t a business deal, we need things to pass down to our children and our children’s children. I hear so many people say that a person sold their company because they got a big check and it was worth it. I will always say that it is not worth it. In 100 years they can change the narrative and we will never know that it was a black person who started that very thing, but when we keep our legacies and keep our dollars within our communities then they will always know that we have, that we do, and that we will continue building legacies with our ideas and our gifts.

I know that us keeping the land will be blessed by our Igbo ancestors and they will guide us on what to do. Cheers!

The picture feature is actually a picture of me with my mom, aunts, and cousins in Virginia.

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