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#TeamworkThursdays “How Has Your Culture Shaped You?” Ft. Meredith Noble

Hello All! Welcome to another episode of “How Has Your Culture Shaped You?” Today I am featuring Ms. Meredith Noble. She is a powerhouse, motivationally filled woman who walks the earth with great purpose. On her journey to be a world renowned motivational speaker, Meredith talks about what culture means to her in terms of family, spirituality, and the words we speak. I felt this interview on a personal level, it is very healing, and listening to it again as I was preparing to edit it was just a healing experience. I am grateful for it, and I believe Meredith’s perspective is a perspective we all need during this time, especially as Black people moving towards liberation. Let us not just look to be revolutionary in the big things, but the small things as well. Enjoy the interview, and let Meredith and I know what you think, thank you again, Meredith!

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