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New Poetry! “I am an Igbo Story”: #WordyWednesdays

I believe what I believe
I believe what I see
& truthfully everything about my heritage reflects me.

I'm a warrior full time
I get things done
I'm the Aba women's riot, my victory is won.

I believe that Ala gave my my beauty and fury
in situations that affect my people
I'm the judge and the jury.

In me is the life that gave birth to the world
if I see my own harmed
I do more than sit pretty and twirl.

I get up and take action, I make my voice known
in spaces where I've been my presence is known.

Igbo is an action word, 
a force of the nations
If we look to mama Africa we can see her intonations.

If you caught that I bless you
If not keep on reading
keep on searching, keep on finding
You'll see where your history has been misleading.

Thank you everyone, have a very Igbo day ahead!

*The picture for this blog post is an actual picture of me and my family in Nigeria*

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3 thoughts on “New Poetry! “I am an Igbo Story”: #WordyWednesdays

  1. Beautiful 😊

    1. Thank you!

      1. This is so beautiful. I loved and enjoyed reading it. More inspiration to you.

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