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Ogene Music: #MusicMonday

Hello All! I’m going to be talking about Igbo’s a lot more often on my blog. As you know, I am Igbo and Igbo people can currently be found in Southeast Nigeria, as our 2nd home only after migrating from the Middle East. Well, today is about a type of Igbo music called Ogene. It is a fast paced music involving the Ogene instrument which is in the shape of double bells -“ogene mkpi nabo“, or triple bells – “ogene mkpi ito“, which is a highly important instrument amongst Igbo people. Men can also be seen holding drums – “udu“, shaking rattle instruments “ichaka” , slit drum – “ekwe” and skinned drum – “igba”, while singing along in harmony in Igbo language using call and response. The music is usually accompanied by Ogene dance, but I’ll dedicate another blog post to the dance because I want to have enough content to give each part of Igbo culture it’s own post. Check out the video below!

Ogene Instrument made by Igbo Blacksmith

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