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Today Today!!!

Hello all! Today the Decolonize Your Mind Webinar is back and I am so happy for you all to join me at 5:00pm CST! If you have not registered, please do so here. In this class we will talk about the why behind the need to decolonize our minds, especially during this time to be agents of change. This is an inside out work, so we as Global Africana People need to be ready, we have to believe in and do the real work for ourselves. It is a liberating work, it is a work that will actually relieve stress, so i shouldn’t even call it work. This is more like a cleansing. Please join me!

Did you get the Garden of Love: A Book of Poems yet? Well, a favorite seems to be “Ode to Redemption”, join along with your fellow readers and order here! Also, I got some great reviews on Melanated Gem Handmade Accessories, I told you I have male items now too right? Order your custom jewelry today by clicking here! Always remember, everything I do is to uplift and unite the Global Black Diaspora!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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