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Your Way Rules the Way… #SoulfulSundays

Listen, the people who have made change, who we learn about, and even the ones we care not to learn about, have all made themselves relevant by breaking the rules. Nobody has been revolutionary by caring what everyone thinks of them. Especially in a society where the rules are biased, and oppress multiple groups of people, at some point you have to do things different to get things done.

You never know what an act you have done is preparing you for. To get to the point of revolutionary change, you will be tested in the small things. Everyone has this obsession of everything they do having to be the next big thing right now in the world, having to be seen, to be heard by everybody to be valid. When I sit here before you, I am a woman who has done so many unseen things, things that I’d rather say in person in context, because people think it’s crazy of me that I went out of my way to protect another Black person in that way. But that’s why I live by prayer, so I’m strategic, and I know I’m protected everytime I do something God tells me to do that’s beneficial for my people, even if people think I’m crazy for it. If we’re really going to be about something, we have to do something different. All of this sharpens us to be able to take on the big battles as they come. What big can we do if we haven’t even done the little?

Everything has its time; one story I will tell you is when I sat there in May 2020 and prayed to God to give me an idea of how to contribute to the Global liberation of Black people during this time – according to who I’ve been called to be – 5 minutes later, I was creating a spreadsheet of all the Senators and Congress members in the country and writing them a 4 page letter (I never thought of that before that prayer). I questioned how I would reach all of them, when I am only a constituent in my area. I called people I know to help me, and after badgering me about ways to help, they all declined. Well, after my 1st successful meeting I decided that I would call all 532 seated members myself, and I did. The reason I knew it was God is because the majority of members I got in contact with and eventually met with via zoom or phone said that they wouldn’t normally talk to non-constituents, but they were so impressed with my efforts that they chose to talk to me. Did I change the world in that moment? Maybe some will say no, but YES, because everything has its time. I am a woman of purpose who always goes against the grain and each grain is rewarded in its time, the reward this time is for Black people. I was able to create a sound of Blackness that infiltrated many offices, standing up for blackness, uncompromised, when a couple of members tried to throw me off track. I knew what I was doing.

So what am I saying here, I want us as Africana people all over the world to begin to live that way, I want us to be bold in each of our surroundings and care less about what outsiders may think, but more around who we were created to be. That is more meaningful in this world. I am speaking to my Melanated warriors, if that’s who you were called to be, then live it. Your next stage may not be a big platform, it may be a small thing needed to sharpen your dedication to your people, and you need to seek God for ways to be valuable to your people.

I will always acknowledge God in my journey because that is where my bold faith comes from to stand up for Africana people for things seen and unseen. I know the name my ancestors have for God, and that’s the name I use. Since this is a platform of people who read from several different countries across the world on all continents, I’ll use the name God. But understand that everything God tells you to do may not always make sense, and it may not always be by the rules, but it will be beneficial and rewarded in it’s time.

People may think that if it’s God, then it’s not really them, but understand part of your design and creation had a solution inside of you, that’s why it’s you, and your rules – because even your very personality was given to you to carry it out. You know who you are, or do you? You know when your spirit is telling you to do something, and when something feels right, or that idea you keep thinking about that doesn’t make sense, but it feels right. Do it! As long as it’s not harmful, anything God leads you to do will be beneficial. Remember, as African people we are not the violent ones, and our “violence” has purpose – right of passage, art of war; never senseless killings. Let’s not use a colonization strategy against us. Right now our focus needs to be doing radical things to build up our people for the strength needed ahead, and that may require breaking the rules. All the best my Melanated Gems, and make sure to register for the Decolonize Your Mind™ entry level course coming up on March 31st!

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