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Hair Raising Experience – #TeachMeTuesdays

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Melanated Gem, do you know that your hair is the only hair that grows upwards towards the sun. With gravity, most things grow down towards the ground, but our hair, having the most protein, needs the sun. Did you know that our hair mimics the trees, a cauliflower, and even broccoli? What I’m getting at is, we mimic nature, in our natural form. We respond to nature, as does our hair. I always see our hair as a representation of us, strong, sometimes needing a little extra effort to comb through, but always exceeding expectations. We are not easily breakable. Let me break it down; when I wash my hair, it is in it’s most natural form, tightly curled and ready to be loved. By the time I comb it, moisturize it, and stretch it out via twists or braids, it’s so much longer than anyone thinks. As Africana people, we are resilient, we are always able to be stretched beyond measure when we are loved, and when stretched, we produce much more than anyone thinks. As we comb through ourselves, there are so many layers, we find out so many different things. We have a plethora of different styles that our hair, and our being can transform to; our hair is strong enough to withstand a plethora of styles, and as a people, we have withstood a plethora of experiences and atmospheres. For example, we have created cultures as an extension of African cultures in the Caribbean, United States, Britain, Pakistan (Siddi), and anywhere else the wicked have placed us as a result of slavery. We have so much inside of us, even as one person, and that’s just as people whose presence is attacked daily. Imagine if we weren’t attacked daily, we’d literally be in every corner of the world as leaders. We already are leaders, having not been given the credit for our inventions and cultural influence daily, but with true freedom, we’d be unmatched. I encourage you all to see your hair a little differently today, what story does your hair tell you about you? Feel free to comment!

~Ndidi Love~

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