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#MusicMondays… Igbo Highlife Music

Hello All! I’m loving learning the voice of my audience. Your voice plus my voice creates a universal sound, and we can move forward together! Speaking of sounds, have you ever heard of Igbo highlife? If you’ve been following me for some time now, you know that I’m Igbo. On my dad’s side I’m fully Igbo, on my mom’s side I’m Igbo by ancestry via slavery (unfortunately but we’re getting it back SOON!) Well, there is a form of music called Igbo Highlife, and I want to talk about.

African cultures have a storytelling tradition that comes through in the music. Highlife music tells important stories over highly instrumental beats using guitar, horns, drums, and is bass heavy. Many times, the songs pace increases as the song goes on, starting off slow and eventually becoming fast enough to dance. The songs are usually long, and sung in Igbo with a mixture of English words as time went on. I am telling you what I know having grown up with my dad playing highlife music all the time. A major artist he listened to was Chief Osita Osadebe, who famously released the album, Kedu America – Kedu is an Igbo greeting. Chief Osita Osadebe’s career lasted over 40 years and is widely celebrated as the king of Igbo Highlife. I mean, his songs are in my spotify playlists, I love him! Check out a video then continue reading below…

Flavour N’abania is a contemporary highlife artist, and sings my favorite Igbo song to date, Oringo. I love how Flavour is contemporary but keeps the Authentic Igbo sound that older and younger generations can relate to. He singlehandedly made one of the most popular Nigerian songs that can be heard at most African parties, Nwa Baby. Flavor hails from Enugu state in Nigeria, with origin In Anambra state, so we may be cousins 👀. Just kidding! Take a listen to Oringo!

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