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We Didn’t Ask for This… #ForwardFridays

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Melanated Gem, I need to tell you something. Africans did not sell each other into “slavery”. I know you’re thinking,
“yes they did!”, but let me explain. As African people, we had a system based on common respect for our neighbors and UBUNTU. We traded, we did business, and yes, we went to war at times. As a result of these wars, and as punishment for crimes, captives would be “enslaved” for 7 years, with dignity; and after that 7 years be released to their families, in dignity. I originally put slavery in quotations because we have to remember the English language doesn’t always capture original meanings. We think of slavery and think of mistreatment, beating, stolen goods and resources. African “slavery” at the time we were enslaved did not reflect all of what we know today. Remember, colonizers interpretations of African systems have always been lies, and changed to fit the narrative of the colonizer. What happened when europeans tricked and stole from Africans (what some call colonialism), is they learned the systems already in place and used that to eventually deceive Africans. For example, the Portuguese and Spanish tried to conquer “Nigerians” with violence, “Nigerians” fought back. The British learned from the Spanish and Portuguese and understood that if they approached with violence, they would be met with violence. The British decided to have a “friendly” approach, and learned the ways of life of the people and resources they “needed”. By the time trust was built, the British made their moves on “Nigerian” leaders, to convince them into selling people as goods. What “Nigerian” leaders didn’t know is that it would result in this… hundreds of years later. Do you honestly think that Africans sent other Africans to America to face this? I beg to differ if you do. I don’t believe at all that if they knew what we’d still be facing in 2021, that selling us to thieves would have happened.

The amount of time we’ve spent apart from each other has us fighting each other in the name of colonizers. We still, to this day, allow white inferiority (what some call supremacy), to trick us into “selling’ each other, for a check. The amount of Africana leaders who have been infiltrated (Ex. Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Kwame Nkrumah, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), and I believe all of the great Africana leaders, shows just how much white inferiority will go to divide us. We have developed an “anything for a check” mentality, and that is the same trick that has always been used people. I don’t understand why people don’t get this. They will always find the Black person that is acceptable to them, to infiltrate a black person who is trying to liberate us. Every attempt we’ve had to free ourselves from this system has been met with violence, but they always try their “friendly” approach first. They also send someone who looks like us to be our “spokesperson”, and that person is really just an agent of white inferiority.

Why am I saying all this? Because we have to notice patterns to overcome them. History is important to now, because we learn from the past. Just because a corporation posted a Black Lives Matter statement, and started handing out all these loans and grants to black people, means nothing, nothing. That is not an attempt to rectify wrongs, it is an attempt to hush Black people, control Black people, deceive Black people, and make Black people maintain a loyalty to them. THAT is why many Black people who have been hired and promoted after the recent Black Lives Matter movement are still complaining that they are underpaid and mistreated. I am not easily deceived, although it’s tempting to apply for grants, and I sure have (from Black owned businesses), we have to remain dedicated to ridding ourselves of anything that doesn’t fully address 401 years.

I have said too much, but I originally wanted to dismantle this idea that African leaders really wanted us to suffer this way 401 years later. I agree that maybe we shouldn’t have been sold to strangers, but I will also say that they were deceived, so they couldn’t have known. I’m sure the ancestors and their intuition warned them, but they didn’t listen. African ancestors always gear us in the right direction, and our intuition is never wrong. We have an opportunity to undo what they did, and quit being deceived by colonizers 401 year tactics. I honestly for the first time in my life was naïve, I thought that 2020 opened up the eyes of Africana people globally, I thought we would finally get it, I thought there would be no more need for my brand and my message. I was wrong, we have a lot of work to do to move forward and not be deceived again and again and again. We didn’t ask for this, and we can’t willfully continue it. I love you my people.

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