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Our Gifts Will Join Us #SoulfulSundays

photo of woman singing in music studio

Hello All! Today was such a great day. i presented on unity for the Ciclo de Conferencias de Estudios Africanos y Diaspora Africana, and they loved it! It went so well and I was able to use some history from Africandad communities on how to use these movements to unite. I don’t often get nervous, but, the presentation had to be translated to Spanish as I was speaking, and I had to slow down, and sometimes reword my presentation; that is why I am glad they loved it. Speaking of unity…

As Black people, our gifts and talents can join us together too. We are a multifaceted people, that’s why I show every part of me in terms of talents. We can unite through the good, targeting a common enemy, and the unique struggles of Black people. This humanizes our movements.

We are so used to narratives of fighting for something, or being on the end of oppression in many forms, that we forget to use our talents as a fun way to join us in our movements. We may be a singing artist, but look at singing as only something to get recognition for, so we ignore it, and pursue other things. We have to recognize this as a form of conditioning, that we do what we need to do, ad not often what we want to do. Why this is specific to Black people in regards to the context today, is because, it stresses us out at higher levels, the numbers are there. Even successful Black people have been taught to do what is financially better, which is good, but we need to create a narrative of enjoying and uniting through our gifts, such as singing, art, and other things.

Naturally, with our bodies, we regulate our natural body functions when we enjoy. I believe it is the same when we are looking to unite. It creates a space where we are seen in a relatable light without having to tell all of our business. I posted this rap I did the other day, and a couple of people expressed to me how much they enjoyed it, and we are all activists on my particular social media page, so it was good to see people enjoy something besides me uniting Black people with my words. I can also unite with my gift of lyrical words, people playfully asked me when I was coming out with an album, and it was all fun. I really want to show people that even activists, and serious people, deserve to have fun and live life, and share gifts. We break new walls when we relate with each other in that way, not just listening to or watching celebrity’s art.

We humanize ourselves when we use our gifts and talents for enjoyment, then we can remember our good, and unite while re-strengthening for the fight. So, use your gift, and fight your fight, you are deserving of both! See you in unity!

~Ndidi Love~

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