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Be A Solutions Person #ForwardFridays

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Hello All! Happy Friday! I was talking to my Grandmother’s cousin the other day. Should we say, great cousin? Anyway, Africans don’t use all these extra words. So I was talking to my cousin the other day, and we were talking about the changes that can be made in African American communities. Now, she has a PhD in education and taught for many years, she was born in Virginia with my grandmother and made her career in California, so she’s not new to this, she’s true to this. Anyway, she said she loved how I did not have a spirit of intimidation, and that she can share with me solutions, because she knows I’ll take action. Why am I telling you this, because as humans, we all have the ability to talk, but those around you recognize who’s about action. I notice some people don’t bring frivolous arguments my way, because they know that I am about that life. I have and am dedicating my time and resources to create initiatives for my people with integrity. I can’t take every opportunity, I can’t be about everything, because I want something that cannot be taken away or controlled by people who do not have the best interests of Black people.

So, be a solutions person, if you are a complainer, then there is a solution inside of you. Some people don’t want to deal with the reality that a lot of this takes work. What is the point of building followers if they are following you for clout? I have always said that I want a group of followers who will walk along side me, not just following for popularity, because I need people to get the message and act. Action is the word that is important to everything in DiasporAfri, and not just action against white supremacy, but action FOR Black people. Don’t just cheer me on, join me. I personally don’t need cheering on, I need action. I am not saying this to be harsh, but people’s lives are on the line. Black communities around the world are crying out the same cry. Our global cry is being sensationalized for good TV, we are not even seen as people with emotions. We don’t even see ourselves as humans with emotions as we have become used to oppressive narratives. Complaining about whiteness and white supremacy all day does nothing, give life to our narratives, write a book for us, create an initiative for us; stop writing books on whiteness and what they do, we don’t need another book telling us what white racists do. I agree, call out situations when they happen, I do it all the time, I don’t run to twitter each time, I call it out when it’s happening. I remember I was in a group chat last year and the only non-black person in the chat said 3 negative things about Black people, and at the time I was off the chat for 2 weeks. I came back and read it, and I called her out immediately, she got defensive, and because nobody called her out, she thought she could talk to me crazy. Then the Black people in the chat wanted to ask me why I called her out; I asked them, why didn’t you call her out? Then those same people were loud as heck on twitter about racism. I created the group chat, and I left it, and left those people alone. If we are not going to call out racist acts as they happen, then why run to twitter to call out white racists? That is why I say, be a solutions person, what we need are initiatives geared towards us. We are our focus, yes, we recognize the problems, then we move to solutions.

I am grateful that a woman with such wisdom and life experience recognized me as a solutions person, and one she could confide ideas in. She is not the first elder to do so, and in fact, an elder I went to grad school with told me that I am an action person, and I need to surround myself with action people. It is not always about the masses, sometimes big things can happen with small groups. I call on the action people reading this to get active! Yesterday I posted a blog post of all the initiatives DiasporAfri has going on, one of the first immediate things I would like to do is create a space for Black youth to be empowered through workshops that I have done in the past, support where you can, let’s get moving!

EDIT: being well formed on white supremacy and how live outside of it is good to know, I am specifically talking about people who try to prove that white supremacy still exists and talks about it all day while doing nothing for us. I believe that people who are complainers actually have a solution. We need to get the solutions out if we are going to truly live outside of white supremacy and build our people up! Don’t do one without the other is what I am saying.

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