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New Poetry! Comm-unity #WordyWednesdays

family having dinner and celebrating
What is community? Community provides unity and immunity; immunity from outside forces, and of course it makes us feel better when conditions worsen. 

Community is built on peace, commonalities, principalities and styles that are unique. No 2 communities look the same, there's always a common solution if anyone is to complain. 

Only disruption comes from the outside. Any support you need is just a short ride. Foundations are strong and built to take a blow, no one has to be worried because the neighbors already know!

Just like the blood rushes to the wound, community rushes to the one that suffering from a wound. Community helps speed up the healing time, community helps recovery feel divine. 


As I stretch my hand out to lift you up, strength is our connection, & full is our cup

I pour into you what I already know
As you pour into me I can feel our bond grow

As you tell your story it helps us to rise, small details connect us, a pleasant surprise.

Tell your story authentically & loud tell it proud
Authentic voices create a new generational sound

Speak it until we find our new language, confuse the enemy with our unified love sandwich.

Teach them that divide & conquer won’t work. Teach them that all they can do is lurk.

We have a plan now & we're leaving you out, you can't speak our language, we don't respect clout.

Our new language rebuilds the strength of a nation, we own our stories, we shape liberation.

Comm-unity strong. Stay tuned.

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