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Video of Our Successful Initiatives Meeting! #TeachMeTuesdays

Hello All! Happy Tuesday! On Friday, March 5th, I got together with 3 gentlemen via zoom to discuss initiatives for the Black community. It all started with a tweet, I put it out there that I wanted to have a positive initiatives meeting, and those who would join, did, while others who were not available looked forward to the video, so here it is! Daniel Solomon, founder of the Black Alliance Federation in the Georgia area; Mr. Franc, a young entrepreneur in the making, laying the foundation to start a non-profit in the Georgia area; and TC Curtis, Founder of MetroCore Technologies in the DMV area, were all in attendance; along with myself, founder of DiasporAfri, LLC! We really want to create safe spaces for Black people to discuss our initiatives, along with our concerns and solutions to move forward. In this meeting I was clear about it being a forward moving conversation. Everyone stated their initiatives, then we stated what we think is the most important this to us as it relates to the Global Black community. It was really powerful and we will be doing it again, asking anyone who is interested to join. Again, it is a safe space for Black voices, and those of us who are really looking to build up Black communities!

So this Teach Me Tuesday will be learning about the initiatives that we have going on, and how to have a successful forward moving meeting. Support any of the movements that you see mentioned here in this video, and think of initiatives yourself. I believe that the Black people created for this time were created for a reason, it is divine order that all of us have this fire in us, we will use it for good! In order, I am the first one to show up on the screen, then Daniel Solomon, founder of the Black Alliance Federation with his initiatives that you should definitely support; next is Mr. Franc, who we should definitely support as he continues to grow; finally, TC Curtis joins us as founder of MetroCore Tech consulting services for Black entrepreneurs in the tech world, please support him! As always, please support me as I have stated on my events page that part of the proceeds from my webinar series will go to creating opportunities for Black talent and offering free workshops to Black youth. Remember, I was a teacher first, my content can be broken down to reach any demographic.

Check out the video, and join us next time! The dates will be on the calendar in the events section of this website. Also, the footer of this website will always feature the next 2 upcoming events I will be featured in, or hosting. I will be presenting for the Afrolatinidad community this coming Sunday, so be on the lookout, enjoy!

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