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400, 400, 400 #MusicMondays

Hello All! So glad to have you, thank you for your patience today as I have rearranged m website. I upgraded to be able to sell my new merchandise, and had to get it back in order! But it’s here, so check it out & please support Melanated Gem!!! Custom made headbands, waist beads, and bracelets with positive messages geared towards uplifting the Global Black Diaspora! I can’t wait to empower you! Well, today is music Monday so let’s commence class, students.

I wrote the song 400 based on the history of the Global Black Diaspora in this world and provided advice for the future. It is a song where each 16 bars has double or triple meanings, and I want to talk about that. The song tells a story of our history and our current situation at the same time. If you look at the sharp contrasts of our history as original Hebrews, it is the same exact story of what is happening now. We are the only living people with a 400 year story, and a story that mimics the 400 year story of the past. With that, we can learn so much on how to move forward from how the Hebrews of the past moved forward, if we just listen! Anyway, check out the song! I wrote it for us! I wrote and produced the beat as well. Enjoy!

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