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New Poetry! Visionary: #WordyWednesdays

I am a woman of vision, it was created for me. I feel things before they happen, I see things others may not see.

I am a woman of purpose, outcomes divine; what I put in comes from the vision, perfectly designed.

I can see a beautiful nation, from cocoa to cinnamon; liberation within generations, and generations to come.

I see a beautiful African child playing on roads painted gold, as she puts it in her hand, it’s hers to behold.

She’s running to her mother, she runs to greet her brother, she runs to greet her father, and she does it without a bother.

The ways of evil have been defeated, she has everything she ever needed, and everything she ever lost was given back without a cost.

She opens her arms wide, breaths air in with nose wide, there’s room to roam around and peace is her sound.

She lifts up her spirits, she is free, she can feel it, she looks up and thanks the ones who came before her with the sun.

She bows her head in awe, the woman who foresaw, is crying through her, thanking God, that now we rule the law.

Give thanks.

~Ndidi Love~

Check out my actual song, Visionary, written and produced by myself!

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