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#MusicMonday: Siddi Music

Hello All! Happy Black History continuation! So, today I wanted to talk about music that I have never heard of before. I was searching and searching, and googled Ancient Bantu Music. Everyone knows Bantu people are one of the original tribes in Africa with descendants in many countries. Well, suddenly an article comes up of how Siddi people have thrived through music. Remember I wrote a blog post about the Black Siddi people of Pakistan last week? Read it here. Well, the Siddi are descendants of Bantu people.

Siddi Dhamal, is an expressive form of dance that represents the Siddi spirit of community. Dhamal, originally a celebratory dance, was performed when community members returned from a successful battle. Women sing repetitive song patterns, and the men play a dammam; a percussive instrument made of wood and deerskin on the sides. They proceed to participate in call and response by repeating what the lead singer is singing.

Dammam instrument: Courtesy or

The Siddis respect nature and often make songs based on their everyday current experiences. Meaning, if they are cooking fish, they will make a song about cooking fish as they are cooking fish. In that case I must be related to the Siddi’s because I do that too. I’ll make up a song about eggs, which I have LOL. Check out this video of the Siddi, descendants of Bantus, do their thing while dancing and singing to Dhamal music; enjoy!

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