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Siddi People of Pakistan: #Throwback Black History Month Post

Hello All! I can see that you really like these throwback Black History Month posts. I have been posting most of them to my twitter page (are you following me yet?), and sharing one a day with you all to respect your inbox. Since there is only 3 more days in Black History Month, in which I’ll only be posting 2 of those days, I decided to give you a little treat. Yesterday I posted on twitter about Afro-Palestinians that live in Palestine. Today I want to feature a throwback post about the Siddi people who live in Pakistan and have lived there for the past 600 years! They are descendants of the Bantu people of Africa, unfortunately they arrived in Pakistan through slavery. Enjoy the post, and check out more information on the SIddi of Pakistan, here, The Siddi Project, which highlights South Asia’s African Diaspora.


Check out this article on the Siddi people; the Black population in Pakistan who have lived there for the past 600 years!

“Even though it is well-documented that Africans gave birth to the world, it is generally little known that the Siddi or Sheedi people, who are descendants of the Bantu people of Southeastern Africa, have lived in rural India and parts of Pakistan for the last 600 years.

The Siddi arrived to the aforementioned regions under orders from Arab and Portuguese merchants to work as slave laborers. And today, the Siddi community is numbered around 20,000 to 55,000 persons across the region with the majority of them being Sufi Muslims. There are also practicing Hindus and Roman Catholics as well among the number.”

Read the rest of the article here:

Enjoy Loves! ❤️

6 thoughts on “Siddi People of Pakistan: #Throwback Black History Month Post

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