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This is A Black Battlefield: #TeachMeTuesdays

Keep it straight to the point. Everything lost as a result of colonialism and slavery is what we’re fighting for, and injustices against black people only. All these side arguments, and lumping us in with other “people of color” is a distraction. People of color is a term used to describe non-white people in the United States of America, however, I’m going to shock you, in sociology, we have a term called “honorary whites”. Honorary whites are people who benefit from white privilege but don’t actually identify as white, one of those groups are Asians.

If you notice, people will say “well, Black people are not the only people who are discriminated against”. Well, being disliked and judged for you skin color is not an accurate description of Black people’s experience. Other united groups such as Asians may very well be discriminated against, but they have the financial backing and unity to get the changes in laws that they want to see. They have received reparations, and they dominate many American markets, such as hair and beauty – nail salons, restaurants, synthetic hair for Black women, and so forth. Which is why, the Black owned hair stores have had many issues with the Asian community discriminating against them. This is not hear say, I was told this my self by at least 2 Black owned beauty supply stores and I have read online. One in my area that is owned by a black man and white wife went as far as to say that the Asians were willing to do business with the wife until they found out she had a Black husband. Are you all getting my point? Blackness is so hated, that everyone on earth, including us as Black people have internalized that hate. SO imagine being treated as inferior in every space, then having your reparations withheld, health disparities in the highest numbers all over the world, shorter life span all over the world, – knowing darn well that your ancestors built the entire western world for free and by force – culture stolen from you…. let’s stop there, because I read a few articles saying that European nations admit to stealing African artifacts, but are willing to “loan” them back to Africa, I cant make this stuff up, read it here. So they are literally saying “I stole from you I know, but I’ll give it back to you for some time, then you have to give it back”, that is demonic, and it’s sick. So then you add that African Americans specifically are the only people in the world that are uncovered as a people, meaning the only people without a government to represent us, and at the “mercy” of people making the decisions for us that don’t look like us. Our issue is more than racial discrimination, it is genocide, as everywhere we are in the world we are fighting against our governments to treat us as people, as neocolonialism has rotted the core of African governments. These are not people of color issues, these are Black issues, and it’s quite strategic that your president has created executive orders for all these other people of color but has failed to create one for us, after admitting it was us who got him into office, well, not me, I didn’t vote for him – and calm down, I didn’t vote for the face of white supremacy 45 either, read that story, here.

That is why I say…..

We can deal with our issues with each other in house, but going forward as a people, we must come as a united army if you will. As I stated the other day, on Twitter, & it’s largely abbreviated due to twitter character limits, “Y’all gotta stop making ppl prove their blackness just cuz they haven’t been poor. & wealthy gotta stop shaming poor Black ppl. Black does not equal poor & rich doesn’t = liberated. Stay focused, we’re fighting for liberation from a system not fighting each other over $ signs.” We are not in a battle with each other, and we are not in a battle to be seen as likeable or acceptable to whiteness. I am not concerned at all with whether a person likes me for my skin color, I’m concerned with how we can build ourselves up in house to bring our own table to the table, just as other nations, and honorary whites have done. It’s one thing when you can hold a government accountable for your mistreatment, and they respond because you have a seat at the table. It’s like a relationship where you all communicate with one another. The relationship between Black people and the government is not a relationship, but a dictatorship (read here), and we are fighting heavily to break out of it. We can’t break out of it if we continue to be at odds with each other over divide and conquer tactics, all these are impacts of slavery and divide and conquer, that is why we are unique in our fight. What’s the difference between Black people and every other “POC minority?”, 400 years, my friend, 400 years!

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