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Dear Warrior: Enjoy Every Moment – #SoulfulSunday’s

Melanated Gem; enjoy yourself. We have so much to fight for in this world, our freedoms are always being taken advantage of, we are constantly being gaslighted and told to forget the racism that has shaped us as a people. The idea of leaving the house and having to deal with racism in every system possible is not one to look forward to. I read an article the other day that the Black life expectancy rate is down since 2018, lower than other races. I’ll be danged if I don’t find a way to have fun while fighting this fight.

White supremacy is an agenda. The point is to make you so depressed and caught up in what you have going on that you don’t enjoy life. There’s no way in the world I’m going to let a group of people who have stolen my people’s land, opportunities, and resources to steal my joy too?! Absolutely not. At a point I just force myself to have fun, turn on the music, and dance! I continue the fight for redemption always.

Everyday there can be information that can cause you to seriously have stress. Like knowing slavery is still legal under the 13th amendment. The one thing about laws is, they have clauses. However, like I said in last weeks Soulful Sunday post, there will always be something to fight in this country, as we each do our part, we relieve ourselves to be able to be free. If we don’t do our individual parts, we make it stressful for the few of us who’s trying.

I still won’t allow anything to take my joy, I need that balance to refuel for the next battle. I’m leaving this country very soon, until then, I will dance!

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