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Diasporans Making A Difference: #TeamworkThursdays

Hello All! Hope you all are staying warm. The power here on my end has been consistent since late last night so I said let me get back to work on! I see so many new subscribers, welcome! Glad to have you. In case you didn’t know, Teamwork Thursdays is where I feature someone in the Global Black Diaspora who is doing great work to uplift Black people. That means anywhere we are, even in Czechoslovakia!!! Well, if you are in Czechoslovakia, let me know. I featured Tunji Enahoro last week (check it out!), and this week, I want to feature my very first Diasporans Making A Difference interview I did in person on November 10, 2016, although it wasn’t the first! All I had was my cell phone, and we were in a little cafe in DC, but just like the world is doing now, I made it work! Always be proud in everything you do, for doing it. Not because it got 10,000 likes, or even 10, be proud, your work is your work, and every little or big thing we do as Black people in this world will eventually be the stories we tell of how we got to freedom. Jide Ehimika and Stefan Grant started NoirBnB due to a racist enounter they had with AirBnb, as we always do as a people, we make a way for ourselves! Enjoy the interview with Jide Ehimika, below! Be sure to support Jide and NoirBnb as well!


Jide Ehimika of NoirBnb

Jide Ehimika, Co-Founder of NoirBnb, shares the story and inspiration behind NoirBnb. NoirBnb’s Co-Founder, Stefan Grant, used an unfortunate situation of inequality to create a lasting solution that benefits people of the Black Diaspora, and others, all over the world. Together, Jide and Stefan are the perfect example of using our gifts and banding together to overcome inequality and make lasting change in society. They came together to create a platform that allows people of color to travel the world and lodge in safe spaces where they will be treated with dignity and respect. They encourage travel around the world, and in the United States; and they wish to help the Black Diaspora connect through travel! When you enter the NoirBnb website (, it says “Welcome Home”. I felt at home while talking to Jide, and was truly inspired by his story, his inspirations, his successes, and his vision for the future. He has some encouraging words for us, and I encourage us all to support Jide and Stefan on the launch of NoirBnb!

Visit their website at
Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and instagram: @NoirBnb

Enjoy Loves! ❤️

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