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You Owe Me! – New Poetry #WordyWednesdays

Hello all! So this is how I’m feeling today. A new poem I literally just wrote right now for Wordy Wednesday’s… I would tell you to enjoy but rather today I tell you to think. See you tomorrow!

You Owe Me!

I don’t owe America anything
For over 400 years, I’ve yet to hear freedom ring
& even tho I’ve only been here 34
If I don’t fight now it’ll be 400 more

When my ancestors were here, I was here, been here before
Now I am them multiplied kicking down the door
Came to save the nations
Fighting these temptations
Keep my eye on the goal & so much more

Melanin comes in so many packages
Savage, classy, boujie, & ratchetness
None of these names even tell the half of us
They make the same sound when we getting what’s owed back to us

The sound of freedom has no class
The sound of freedom has no stats
The sound of freedom has no politics around who’s worthy Black

Well, you better than me
You think I really care how the world sees me?
Universified with an advanced degree
Even if they call me ratchet ima be me
Even if they call me boujie ima be me
You think your little words gonna get to me
What’s that gotta do with what you owe me
I don’t owe you, you owe me!

~Signed, a black person who is ready for reparations~

~Ndidi Love

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