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“Love Thy Neighbor”

I feel like I should post this again today, enjoy!

When they keep slaughtering us & their answer is “love thy neighbor” …. love ain’t gonna change laws & bring justice; we must be our own allies & use our power to get what’s rightfully ours. We know what’s up; but often, we’re scared to speak up. Now is not the time to be politically correct; we must speak the truth as it comes to us. It’s not about love in the emotional sense; it’s about respect; neither one of us have to like what we see; but we must respect each other’s humanity.

When I myself talk about redemption; the God I serve & the God that has created us all is a God of justice. We’re allowed to rightfully fight for our justice; as every united ethnicity does and has. America preaches patriotism; but when we as Black people unite; there is an attempt to tear it down. We have an allegiance to ourselves! Never ever in history has a group of people been oppressed & left without their justice; except black people. That’s because it’s a work of God; man cannot even begin to repay what has been taken from us; all the money in the earth cannot bring justice to the 400 years of what has been taken. 

We are experiencing this now; the ancestors are crying out, understanding that we must be awakened to understand the time. Dreamers are dreaming & speakers are speaking; light is coming to us whether we like it or not. This is a message of bringing together what has been divided for so long, the Global Black Diaspora. Every corner of the earth must witness it, because every corner of the earth has benefitted from the heartache and turmoil of God’s chosen through our labor, and use as guinea pigs while men of every other nation have built corporations and benefitted from our land and our labor. We must understand our worth & prepare to take charge of what’s ours, we cannot lose sight, this is not about love; it’s about justice. We can be kind to our neighbor, and we can fight for what’s right all at the same time. 

Pray pray and pray, that God reveals to you your purpose during this time; & then act. Act in a way that brings justice to our generation, the past generations, and the next generation. Even in the small acts, not everything we do will be massive; but our everyday acts combined will tell a global story. It’s then we’ll be able to truly “love our neighbor”, because we would have then learned to love ourselves. 

Matthew 22:39 “Love your neighbor as you love yourself

~Ndidi Love~

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