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REQUESTED: Special Blog Post – Grad School Paper on Nigerian Education

Hello All! This week, you will see a few blog posts based on requests from Twitter. I have been engaging a lot more, and I made a comment about how the Nigerian education system is set up for Nigerians to be successful in the West, and not in Nigeria; it is by design. I spent a long time looking for the paper in my personal files I have saved from graduate school on my thumb drive and my laptop, not realizing it was in my e-mails from 2012! Mind you, I never knew that the attachments from my exported school e-mails were still there in my Hotmail, I almost cried, I found so many papers I wrote in grad school. Well, now I want to start sharing them with you. This is an educational blog, and some of these papers are 30-48 pages long, but I worked really hard on them, and would love to share. Although some viewpoints have changed, and can still be argued; I’d love for my fellow scholars to read along and tell me what you think! I received an A- on the paper, and it was written in 2012. Enjoy the paper by clicking on the link below which will lead to google docs; it is the only way I could share this PDF.

The title of this paper I wrote for my Education and Social Change in Developing Nations class is Education Policy as A Tool for Equality, Peace, and the Incorporation of Indigenous Beliefs for the Benefit of All Nigerians

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