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Warrior, Be At Peace, Here’s How… #SoulfulSundays

Melanated Gem, be at peace. Hear me out. There’s a fight we’re fighting, but I also want you to have a peaceful life to put energy into the gifts you have to offer the world. Listen up, then tell me what you think!

There’s a difference between fighting white supremacy and acts of injustice, and just being straight up mean to everybody. If you are going to fight, fight for something, melanated gem, stand up for yourself against bullies, and protect your fellow Black people, but avoid causing trouble just to cause trouble, I’ll tell you why. In a world where our peace is always being violated as Black people, we will never run out of things to fight against. That being said, we can keep our peace by saving our energy for the necessary fight.

Also, we cannot be fighting the world and fighting each other, Melanated gems. Calling our fellow Melanated gems names like ugly – because of our Black features, making fun of their income, poverty, and other external things – that doesn’t help us. We have to choose a fight, and the last person we need to fight is our fellow gems. I get it, we won’t like everybody – I don’t like everybody, but not liking someone and also being kind is possible. There have been Black people I haven’t liked, maybe from clash in personality, and I have still treated them kind because I do not have to go home with them. Whatever they did that needs addressing, I address it, then continue on with my life.

I get really sad when I see us tearing each other down for looks – based on standards of white supremacy, and shaming each other for income, knowing dang well the actual statistics of what happens to us as Black people on a daily basis. In my opinion, if you aren’t helping provide opportunities, then why put the person down? If you aren’t marrying that person, why tear down their looks? It’s hard enough when white supremacy steals the opportunities, underpays us, tries to downplay our looks and appropriate our looks at the same time; how we turn around and do that to each other, I don’t get. Then, when I don’t participate in tearing us down, people look at me as if I’m being “high and mighty”. Here’s a disclaimer, don’t come around me down talking black people, it won’t work. If I choose to celebrate us, even to a fault, well dang it, there’s enough hate towards us so just let me love us in peace. I’m not the one to down talk Black peoples hair, looks, income, and profession, or even actions people deem as “ghetto”; so go on ahead somewhere else with that, thanks. I’m not going to be out here fighting white supremacy and fighting black people too, I need peace at some point in my life. I’m also not out here just tearing down individuals of any racial background, unprovoked; I care about justice and uplifting Black people. I address acts of injustice, I advocate, I withhold my support from racist organizations, and I don’t let anybody get away with mistreatment of myself or any other black person, but inherently I’m kind. I’m not naive to white supremacy and I move carefully, but I’m not participating in tearing down individuals on things unrelated to social justice, I’m fighting a system that those individuals many times represent. Until then, I have to live a life of peace, fight the good fight, not befriend everybody, but move strategically to accomplish all I have been set on this earth to accomplish. That includes exuding kindness and positivity, especially to other Black people; in fact my kindness increases towards other Black people.

Again, I don’t tell everyone how to react to their oppression, and as I’ve said before in another blog post, love thy neighbor won’t change laws, but I’m just saying what I do to keep a balance of peace. No, we don’t owe forgiveness for how Black people are treated on a daily basis, we don’t owe a handshake or looking away from our treatment, but I’m not just going to the grocery store to be mean to people, because that affects my peace. However, if a white person discriminates against me in that grocery store, I’ll surely address it accordingly and make an example out of them by taking it to the next level, as I always have, and trust me, that takes a lot of energy, so I need to reserve it.

Choose your battle, my Melanated gem. I can guarantee you won’t be lacking in them so long as we are in this here America. Don’t bypass a necessary battle either, fight for your rights, and then make room for your gifts, like arts and crafts for example. I want you to live a happy, peaceful life too, even in this battle.

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