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We Built The Tables: #ForwardFriday… Black History Month

Black people built the tables that white supremacy is denying invites to…

No worries, we’ll build another set.

Imagine, slave owners were paid reparations for the money lost, “freeing” the enslaved Africans and leaving them with nothing. Imagine, the enslaved Africans who labored, created inventions that colonizers took credit for, and built every institution from universities to the White House were left with nothing, and then at the thought of wanting better for themselves are told to work harder. We have been working hard, Black women have the highest education rates, I read an article that stated, white high school dropouts earn more than Black and Hispanic college graduates. There is no such thing as a Black person who doesn’t work hard, Black people are tired of working twice as hard and not being paid with the money or respect that is deserved. I remember working with a Jewish woman who said “of course we received reparations, they took everything from us how were we supposed to live?” So people understand the concept when it’s everybody but Black people. We have showed time and time again that we are collectively great, still someone will say, work harder. Forget that; I will not work twice as hard just to be prone to suffering from mental health and high blood pressure, I will live my life and fight the good fight, and I will encourage each of us to fight so we can all do the same. Again as I have said, and I will continue to say, every mistreated people in the world has received their reparations from their respective oppressors, except Black people, globally. This is true even for nationalities that try to identify as “allies” with Black people, they have received their justice with reparations and initiatives that benefit them solely. Imagine being told that you have no right to complain, when you are the only people on earth who continually suffer the most from any oppression in the world. Sure, the coronavirus affected the whole world, but Black people, again, have suffered the most. The government wants to claim Black and Brown, but we know that in America, Hispanics are separated into two categories; Black and non Black. I bet that the group of Hispanics that suffer are the Black Hispanics.

Everyday it is revealed that a Black person is the true inventor of something important to society. Everyday money is wasted on studies to continue to prove that Black people are mistreated, underpaid, underrepresented, etc. How many more tables do we need to build? We even built the table for other “minorities” to benefit on the backs of our civil rights labor.

Here’s a suggestion, melanated gems, find it deep inside yourself to be tired enough. Just rest. When we stop, watch the world stop. Don’t accept the gaslighting, don’t accept the pressure, just stop building. At some point in an abusive relationship, the abused person gets tired, then they leave, and the abuser knows they mean business.

We need energy to build up our tables again, because, they will fight for access to our tables, and we need the strength for this tug of war. This time, we’re getting the patent, we’re getting the credit, and we’re going to sit down and eat in peace.

I look forward to it, melanated gem!

Next week I’d the last week of the Dear Black People Webinar Series for this go round!

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