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Inventor Andrew Jackson Beard: #Throwback Black History Month Post

Hello All! Remember earlier when I told you, Black people have been inventing things, and we just haven’t received credit? Well, here is a man who only received his credit decades after his invention. I believe still that the best is yet to come, we will get everything back and then some! Check out Andrew Jackson Beard’s story, below, then register for the final two classes of Dear Black People™ Webinar series for this go round!


On November 23rd, 1987; Andrew Jackson Beard received the patent for his “Jenny Coupler” invention. The Jenny Coupler is a probe that secures two train cars together by merely bumping them together. The formal name for the piece is the Automatic Railroad Car Coupler. Beard did lose his leg in the process of working on railroads, however, that did not stop him. His invention is the forerunner of today’s automatic coupler.

Beard is also the inventor of two plows and a steam engine, which he invented while he was a farmer. The thousands of dollars he received for his inventions then is equivalent to somewhere in the millions now.

We celebrate Mr. A.J. Beard and his dynamic invention that benefits us all today! Be sure to research him to find out more information.

Enjoy Loves! ❤️

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