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New Interview! “How Has Your Culture Shaped You” Ft. Tunji Enahoro!!!

Hello All! “How Has Your Culture Shaped You?” is back! Tunji Enahoro, founder of Zethos Media is a photographer, videographer, and content creator. He talks about how his Yoruba culture has shaped him to be where he is today, along with his personal definition of culture, you’re going to love it! He speaks about his view point on his Yoruba culture in relation to other cultures in Nigeria, and his honest, thoughtful view on cross cultural relations. I had such joy speaking to him, he is a strong supporter of DiasporAfri, LLC; and he is currently in Lagos, Nigeria. The power of social media! Tunji is also currently offering a course on videography, check it out!

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YouTube: Tunji Enahoro

Thank you Tunji!

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4 thoughts on “New Interview! “How Has Your Culture Shaped You” Ft. Tunji Enahoro!!!

  1. Excellent interview! Seems like an excellent fit for you! More confidence is showing in your conversations.

    1. Thank you!

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