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New Poetry! #WordyWednesdays

Hello All! So I’m sitting here writing. I just wrote this poem to a beat in my head. You won’t hear the beat, but just think of a fly uptempo beat in your head & follow along. I also had fun with it and recorded it on video with a beat I thought matched, let’s say this is more like spoken word. Read it to your own tempo, then watch the video below! Did you get the tempo right? Let me know! The name of this one is, “Melanate Celebrate”, enjoy!

We melanate
So let's celebrate
I don't really have no time to hate

Forget the cake
I got the ingredients
I bake it how I want, no need for obedience

1 part love
several parts marriage
Whip it up and ice it with horse & carriage

We got us a community built on families
Dark skinned, light skinned, and red like cherries

Black love, black life, black man, black wife
Black wealth, black health, legacy & love of self
Black hair, black styles, confidence & black smiles
Black lives mattering, black inventions, black styles

Whew! I done said a lot
Black is my kettle, & so is my pot
I’m calling it black like I said it was

Everything is melanated

& it's all good.©

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