A Special Message for My Audience

Dear Black People, we are in this together. Tell me, what content would you like to see incorporated into my blog? What’s the most important thing to you, personally, as it relates to Blackness? Thank you all for dramatically increasing my website traffic, and I want to really speak to you from a place of your needs. DiasporAfri, LLC is a place of healing, that’s why I speak to action, I am passionate, but my content should educate and heal, let me know! I posed this same question on Twitter, and so far people have told me:

  • Black intelligence & skilled labor
  • The struggle of blacks in Colombia
  • Food! cooked with flavor
  • Hair care for 3-4c hair

Some of these things will involve cross collaboration as well. For example, I can feature the blog of a Black foodie on my Thursday features, or a natural hair care guru. Are any of you reading, those people? Well, let me know! I can interview you or feature you. Also, check out a special message below. I look forward to talking with you more, melanated gem.

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