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#SoulfulSunday: Celebrate Every Win

Melanated gem, who told you that victory is only for a completed project? Of course we don’t settle for mediocrity, but what if you hate writing e-mails but needed to write 50 for your 1st event? That calls for celebration whenever you’re finished! Burnout is real, sometimes we’re so focused on the big end result that by the time we get to the end, we don’t have any energy to celebrate. Celebrating yourself releases good hormones, it allows your body and mind to take small little breaks and rejuvenate between tasks.

We’ve all heard the common phrase, “Black people have to work twice as hard”, and you know what? I made it up in my mind a long time ago that I’m going to do my portion and do it well, but I’m not going to burn out to “compete” with some imaginary standard. I am my standard, I have been given tasks, and in this life, they will be completed; I’ll celebrate to that. With all these health conditions and mental health problems, why should I worry my brain to compete with an oppressive system that built their wealth on theft? I need to fill my brain with happy hormones and celebrate myself as much as possible.

The next piece of this is, realizing it’s ok to celebrate other Black people too. That increases your happy hormones too by celebrating one another instead of judging and tearing each other down. In this system where competition is fueled by lack of resources, people find it hard to celebrate with other successful Black people, or only want to celebrate with them when they’re big, not still small. It’s kind of like those people who doubt you, but then when you make it big, they clung on. I celebrate black businesses no matter what stage they’re in. Why? Because my lane is big enough for me, I celebrate myself, therefore I have room to celebrate someone else. It’s comes naturally.

It’s a new day around here, melanated gem. We are being called to a greatness that requires us to be healthy and take care of ourselves, and each other. No more “slaving” and running ourselves into the ground, we must run our race and reject severe competition. No more tearing each other down, we must celebrate each other and lift each other. What is next for us, melanated gems, is a completed race that we’ll finish together. We must celebrate each others contributions along the way, big or small, and tear down the competition for this little piece of pie. Soon, we won’t be competing within a system, but instead, building our own. Celebrate now, it’s only a matter of time before we win.

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