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To Fight or not to Fight #DearBlackPeople

So, do you know that America has had more wars than any other nation since the 2nd world war? Oh ok, yea, so why do they tell Black people not to fight for our rights and instead strive for “unity”. Excuse me, but unity isn’t the key to liberation, being selfish is. Just like the United States has been selfish when they wanted to mark themselves as the world power, taking out any nation or person who came in the way of that, until this day. We need to keep the unity to ourselves, and cut off any person that gets in the way of that. Harsh, it sounds? Ok, well let me tell you:

  • American revolutionary war – to declare the united states as independent.
  • Cherokee-American war
  • Northwest indian war
  • Quasi war
  • First Barbary war
  • Tecumseh’s war
  • War of 1812
  • Creek war
  • 2nd barbary way
  • First Seminole war
  • Texas-Indian war – Extinction of many tribes in Texas, including the KarankawanAkokisa and Bidui
  • Arikara war
  • Winnebago war
  • Black Hawk war
  • Texas revolution
  • 2nd Seminole war
  • Mexican-American War
  • Cayuse War
  • Apache Wars
  • Bleeding Kansas
  • Puget sound war
  • Rogue river wars
  • 3rd Seminole war
  • Yakima war
  • 2nd opium war

LOL! The list of wars involving the United States was so long, here’s the list if you’re interested in reading more. The same people who fund millions of dollars to the army to go tear up other nations, fund police to tear up black communities and overpolice, are going to tell us how to react to our daily oppression? the same united states that calls me an angry Black woman are worried about me using my loud voice and putting people in their place, when you literally take out children to uphold your agenda. I don’t believe in violence, but I believe in firmly and strongly using your voice unapologetically. Never listen to the people who have inflicted more violence than any civilized and uncivilized people to tell you how to achieve justice.

Can you imagine that a lot of us as Black people have ancestors who fought in wars when the US government didn’t even see them as a full person? We owe them! We can fight intelligently, I don’t believe in doing something just because white people have done it, I believe in finding your lane. My lane is truth and applying pressure, activating spiritual forces, confronting governments, going in large numbers, withholding my money from corporations, and uplifting others to do the same. Now, I am not a pick me, I am not saying this to get approval from anybody, everyone knows I don’t tell people how to react to their oppression, I just understand my lane. If it changes, it changes, but I’m showing no mercy to my oppressors feelings; this is for our mothers, fathers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, and everyone else who couldn’t experience freedom. We are them, we owe them the fight. We have to offend, we have to hurt feelings, there is a time and a place for everything, and when we are fighting for our livelihood, we don’t play nice. Look at the list of wars I mentioned, did America ever play nice when their territory or ally was threatened? Again, we don’t have to mimic, but mimic the energy, every time we are threatened as Black people, we increase the energy. We have the opportunity to free ourselves and the world is watching. Yes, fight, fight with all your might in any way you see fit, just make sure it brings results!

Even if the revolution is not televised, it won’t be colonized. Follow me on this journey.

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