New Blogging Schedule!

Well, now that I’ve become better at how to optimize best results for blogging, and understanding what people like, I have decided to go back to a schedule that highlights all my passions while incorporating what my audience likes. Here it goes!

Soulful Sundays – motivational, uplifting message for the soul.
Music Mondays – featuring my music or the music of a Black artist I love.
Teach me Tuesdays – educational or historical fact from any part of the Global Black Diaspora
Wordy Wednesdays – featuring new or old poetry of mine or another Black poet.
Throwback Thursday (1 Thursday a month) – featuring an old blog post or feature of mine as I revisit and explain my thoughts/where I was during that time. Teamwork Thursdays (3 Thursdays a month) – featuring a person in the Black Diaspora doing great work, “Diasporans Making A Difference” or an interview conducted by Ndidi Love for “How Has Your Culture Shaped You”
Forward Fridays – a message of conviction to help move the Global Black Diaspora forward.

Speaking of moving forward, follow me on this journey as we move forward towards our liberation as Black people!

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