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Protect Black Women Unless… #DearBlackPeople

Well, I find it quite interesting, my melanated gems, that I constantly hear excuses for why it’s ok to mistreat our fellow black people. Whether it’s auctioning them off, and inviting a white person to take their place, or saying they’re getting what they deserve for being mistreated by white people, or that the mistreatment against them is ok because they are not attractive to you. OK..

  1. I know that there are people who get on the wrong side of justice, and start behaving like their masters taught them, going against black people publicly; but we should never get online and in public and say that a Black woman deserves to be beaten because she was with a white man. If we are honest, many Black women have been rejected by Black men, in a way that falsely makes them believe they’ll be treated better by a white man, which is completely false. I honestly promote and love Black Love for reasons beyond just love, I believe it is beneficial to the broken community, but, I’m not going to disown and condone violence against someone because they are with a non-black person, how does that help me? How ignorant is it to proclaim you are for the advancement of Black people, then condone the mistreatment and disownership of black women – the birthers of Black people – simply because they live a different life? There are some traitors, and people who are so dedicated to white supremacy that they will fumble the opportunity to advance, but united, we won’t have to worry about the few who do and we can always teach instead of disown.
  2. Leave children alone! I find that children become easy targets, especially celebrity children, and when it comes to little black girls, people feel so comfortable stating their horrible opinions. Why does it matter what you feel about that baby’s hair? Why does it matter that you even feel she’s cute or not? And yes, it happens to brown and dark skinned girls more often, that’s violence! To spew hateful words against a small black female child, when we want the world to protect us, and we don’t see the same happening to children of other races. We shouldn’t do it to any child at all, but especially children who didn’t ask to be in the limelight because of their parents. Some of these celebrity kids are googling themselves at 7, 8, and 9 years old, and are seeing some of the hateful comments people write/wrote about them years ago. Just stop, I truly don’t believe that any sane person can comment on a child that’s not theirs in a negative way, and why is it that we as a people do it to each other’s kids, while praising the white and light-skinned kids. Don’t ya’ll get tired?
  3. Just be mindful of the negativity you put out there when promoting violence against your own. This is how we have taken on the role of the oppressor in our own communities, and it can become dangerous if we don’t check ourselves. Everyone is upset, and should be upset at our violent oppression, but taking it out on each other is not beneficial to anyone at all.
  4. Protect black women in word and in deed.

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