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No Need to Ask… #DearBlackPeople

I often find it funny when people argue about the cause of oppression, if slavery is attached to oppression today, and whether or not it affects people today. Have we become numb? In 2020, like 6 months ago, the world was on fire with people screaming Black Lives Matter in the streets. White supremacy unveiled it’s terror for the world to see, and people somehow think we’re stuck in the past. The past is the present people, just like in any relationship, the same issue will keep coming up until you address it.

What part of 400 years don’t people understand, even the American government knows the significance of the 400 years, they literally signed into legislation the 400 Years of African American History Commission Act in 2017, which was in action from 2018 to 2020. Everyone knows the impact of oppression but the ones impacted by it, because we have become numb, allowing people who don’t look like us to argue over our fate instead of taking charge. We can only fear if we’re outnumbered, but we’re not, we’re global. How can we expect the descendants our our enslavers to literally take interest in us when it has nothing to do with their generational wealth. We have to command and demand it, not wait on people to have a change of heart. like I said in another blog post titled, Love Thy Neighbor, “love ain’t gonna change laws and bring justice; we must be our own allies and use our power to get what’s rightfully ours.”

When people are tired, rightfully so, they feel the need to rest. I remember when I was in Namibia, hearing that sentiment amongst the Namibians, as apartheid ended for Namibians in 1994 much more recent than other African nations in the 1960’s. In transit back to the U.S., I had a conversation with a man in the South African airport (Namibia and South Africa were one under apartheid). He told me that after apartheid, Africans were so happy to be free, that they didn’t fight anymore for things like good jobs, they just took what they could get, and passed whatever they had down to their children (I actually just got really sad writing that). It is sad, that all over the world Black people are tired, and then the few that care are left to burden the rest. I know I do it willingly, but I always leave time for myself to enjoy, like from Friday night to Saturday night, I commit to nothing but fun. Anyway, if we as a people are still tired, and still fighting, wouldn’t it occur to us after 401 years to activate the changemaker inside of us?

How quickly we forget, how quickly we get tired! The problem is, people don’t know where to look or where to start, and everyone is looking for one leader. Who told you that you are not a very effective part in this movement? You very much are, but everyone is waiting for a new answer when, there’s no need to ask, we already know! We don’t need any more studies, research, theories, political jargon, we just need action. I always tell people that I have a master’s degree but I don’t use big words. I like to speak to all people, so you can hear me clearly. I have one mission, that is the total redemption of Black people, and I wish to activate the purpose in other Black people like me so we can move forward together!

So let’s not forget today, yesterday, 1619, 2020, and the millions of lives we are fighting for.

Stay strong warriors! & Join me for the remaining classes of the Dear Black People™ Webinar Series.

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