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Leave Queen Harriet Tubman Alone

Let her rest, knowing that all she fought for is actually… and Black women who look like her are actually being treated… *sigh*

Ok, you know what, Black people, my beloved gems, we have to stop being so excited over mediocrity. When will we get tired? When I look at the stats and the numbers of Black women still being the highest educated and least paid, most likely to be mistreated by the healthcare system, and the most likely to be mistreated by any institution – you want me to believe that a $20 bill with the Empress Warrior Harriet Tubman will suffice? Listen, America, don’t even disrespect us, or Harriet, by continuing to mistreat the very women who look like her, and mistreating the people that she fought for. You all must be out of your minds to think that is anywhere near the fulfillment of an executive order on racial equity, anywhere near reparations, or an indication of Black Lives Matter to the masses.

Please! We cannot continue to settle when America upholds an actual system that needs to be eradicated. The very currency that represents America, represents oppression, on a mass scale. As someone else online also mentioned, all the 17 executive orders of 2021 have been targeted to eliminate very specific issues for Hispanic and Native American communities, but when it comes to us, putting our QUEEN on a $20 bill is supposed to be an effort at ending racial inequity? America, do us a favor and stop gaslighting us. As a matter of fact, I can’t tell people to stop, should I expect them to magically change after 401 years? However, I can tell us, as Black people, my beautiful gems, what we should do – we have to reject this mediocrity at all costs. Stay vigilant! Don’t be appeased by crumbs, agitate for change until we get every piece of land, food, business, t-shirt – everything we deserve! Everything made out of cotton, should be ours.

I told you all, I don’t trust president #45 or #46, and it is my right. Should I trust a man who showed us 3 times in 2020 that he doesn’t value Black people, with his words, simply because he “picked” a Black and Asian woman as his Vice President? “Pick me pick me” has to end with Black people, my beloved gems. America, don’t pick me if you’re still upholding oppression masking it as inclusion. I have been saying it for years, inclusion and diversity is a scam. Don’t be fooled by 400 year tactics, it’s all a scam!

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