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The Key to Results is Simple! #Motivation

Hello Everyone! So by this time you all know that this week starts off the Dear Black People™ Webinar Series, and I successfully completed my first webinar class last night! Waiting on the reviews to come in! Well, many people may wonder, “what will I get out of it?” Good question!

You see, I have a history of proving people wrong, especially when it comes to the work my Black students and clients can accomplish. When other “professionals” say it can’t be done, I show them how it’s going to get done.

I will never forget, the many times, but one particular time when I proved a fellow teacher wrong about a Black student, right before her eyes. She was speechless, and had nothing to say. She said “he can’t do this, I’ve tried many times!”; and literally, 1 minute later, I showed him once, and encouraged him to independently do what she said he couldn’t do. Sure, he was labeled “mentally disabled” (ADHD), he was young – about 5 years old, and he was shy, but he felt my love! With my love, encouragement, and example; he accomplished in 1 minute what his teacher said he couldn’t do all year long.

Listen up people, in my line of work, doing what’s right doesn’t get you loved by your “professional” peers, it gets you hated. For the mere fact that I go against the grain, and the strategies set in place to make our people, Black people, fail, and I prove it wrong every. single. time – I have been outcast, hated on, and people have tried to make my life difficult, because I believe in my people, and I help them make it happen! There’s no demographic or income background that can prove me wrong. GOD always has a better plan for me. Imagine being outcast and finding out 2 weeks later that I’m going to teach in AFRICA, then in Africa, I won the hardest working teacher award, there’s a reason! The world really doesn’t want Black people to win on a global scale! They want a chosen few, but we can change that by staying on code, unifying, and teaching others how to overcome, instead of expecting them to know!

The key is? I do it from the heart! My motivation is, what God has put inside me to educate and motivate everyone in my path to their best abilities! Many people over the years have thanked me for not only building their confidence, but living it to show how it can be done! It’s not only Black people who have thanked me for showing them how to be confident, it’s people all over, from Chinese, to Muslim, to Indian, and White, but I was put on this earth to instill that confidence in Black people! We think higher, we aim higher, we do better, and not because someone let us, but because it’s in us!

I’ll never forget the day I was at a 4 month temp job & I fought for all of us to get $2 more, while coworkers were telling me, “you’re not Obama” guess what, I got us all the raise that day! Next thing, everyone was thanking me & wanted to eat lunch with me. Who was going to tell me not to fight? Not the people that were scared. When you are fearless, you are concerned about what’s right, not what’s popular, and you don’t take peoples word at face value, you find out for yourself!

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