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Transform your mind… #DearBlackPeople

Any student that has sat before me has performed better, with more confidence.

Any client that I’ve had enters the world more confidently, accomplishing more.

I expect excellence from anyone who sits before me, and I make sure it happens.

Getting everyone results is my top concern, I don’t just say “you can do it”, I show you HOW to do it!

I’ll never forget the day I was at a 4 month temp job & I fought for all of us to get $2 more, while coworkers were telling me, “you’re not Obama” guess what, I got us all the raise that day! Next thing, everyone was thanking me & wanted to eat lunch with me. 😂

Many people over the years have thanked me for being the example of what confidence looks like, and standing up for what’s right, not popular, and encouraging them to do the same, & I want every Black person to understand their worth and purpose outside of everything we’ve ever known!!

The best part is, I’ve done the work of decolonizing my mind, myself, so I speak from a place of experience.

Through this course, you will decolonize your mind, build a legacy for your bloodline, and make systemic change. You will transform your life, and the Black Lives around you, with a decolonized mind, Dear Black People…

Join me for for the next 4 weeks!!!!!!

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