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Price tags… #DearBlackPeople

Well, I have been listening to Jazmine Sullivan alright, and you are right that I was listening to this song in my head, and named my blog post after it… Price tags, the very, very good, AMAZING, song off of Jazmine’s latest album. I haven’t heard a beat that groovy in a while. Well let’s groove into what I really want to talk about.

“Don’t put a price on me because I’m worth it all” ~ Me, Ndidi Love, and it’s copywritten, and I mean it. I really in real life in real time believe that I’m worth more than money. I make the money, the money doesn’t make me. I really in real life in real time believe on my broke days you can’t afford me. I really believe in real life in real time that you can’t afford my purpose if you tried. I guess it’s what happens when you grow up with things, you realize things are just things. I’m here for legacy, baby, if my kids and my kids kids can’t celebrate it, then I don’t want it, you dig?

Well, now that I got that off my chest, let’s talk. I mean, what is your value? Your value is YOU! Some man started a company one day, and he decided that he was going to pay employee X, a particular salary, then you come along and apply for position X, the salary was considered before you got there, but you were also you before you get there. If said man decided to pay you X salary for position X, that’s HIS decision, HIS decision is not your worth. Your worth is whatever you decide of yourself before, during, and after position X. Now, everyone likes to feel good, and feel like they’ve accomplished something, the problem comes when HIS company downsizes and he says, “position X is no longer needed”, then somehow you take that information and start doubting your self worth. Depression is real, and I’m not minimizing it, but too many people are becoming depressed because of outside sources that put themselves in a position to determine your worth. There is no dollar value that can determine anything, because you can turn around tomorrow and build your own, create the price, and the value was in you, the work you put in, the confidence, and the sacrifice. Even if I price my brand at the highest price, guess what, the brand wouldn’t be a brand without me, position X wouldn’t have been fulfilled without ME, so the best thing I can do is value MYSELF. Do you get it?

We also value ourselves in other ways outside of money and status, we value ourselves by how we eat, how we take care of ourselves, how we treat others, how we allow others to treat us, so many people think that the value is in their money and then release all sorts of negative energy into the world that’s unhealthy too. I tell people this, I’ve had the best in life and have lived through the worst, I am confident to say that I have remained the same through it all. my value is my value, baby, I am here whether you like it or not.


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