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Wrong Assumptions, Right? #DearBlackPeople

I have a legitimate question. Why do people assume you grew up poor just because you’re fighting for what’s right or fighting on behalf of the underdog?

And then, why when you fight for underserved communities they feel you had to have grown up poor to understand them?

If we are ever going to unite, we have to unlearn the tactics of divide and conquer. Perceived wealth or perceiving someone as “poor” means nothing in relation to uniting to fight systemic oppression. Wealth is needed, but the freedom mindset doesn’t have a price tag. A wealthy person who uses that wealth to oppress his own has the mindset of enslavement, not freedom.

I find that many people who grew up poor have an obsession that makes them live in a world where riches solve problems, & that riches make you not care. Not their fault, it’s what society “taught”.

I also find an over obsession with capitalism that makes a lot of people fight for monetary gain only. Feeling the need to boast of the ability to now oppress others.

I created a business in 2020 but my resume is long when it comes to doing work from the heart. Don’t need a reason, I want all my people to be free!

I was given a legacy, a good legacy! However, I chose to create my own, I chose to follow God’s design for me. However, there is a legacy in my bloodline of doing something different out of conviction, so I’m right on task.

When you do things from the heart, you don’t need all the fancy jibber jabber, and based on the “few vs. the many” theory, only a few will understand what’s driven by the heart, the rest will attract themselves to fancy jibber jabber because they are not led by truth. So what if they grew up poor or rich, let people have a heart!

DiasporAfri is a movement, we move to be free! Dear Black People™ Webinar Series will teach us how!

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