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Have You Registered Yet?

Well, if you haven’t, let me tell you why you should…

  • I’m providing useful strategies to tear down systemic oppression right now, like any other united people, this is all our fight.
  • I am serious about making it the best experience. I have enough personality to keep you all engaged and informed.
  • You’re getting hundreds of dollars of information for $15, $25, and $99. This is now 12 years work of work and research findings from all my scholarly and personal research, and my life, all in one.
  • Real and honest; I’m going to be real and honest with you all, and I’m going to make sure everyone understands what I’m saying.
  • I’m praying one on one with people, and following up individually to make sure people understand the content.

If you’re looking to explore, see what the classes are about, and understand my teaching style, sign up for the “Decolonize Your Mind” entry level course for $15!!!

YOU are who I’m doing this for. I’ve realized the higher calling on my life, and I really do wish for all people to be mentally free for the purpose of uniting. It’s our time, and I’m going to make sure you feel that you’re a part of it! Dear Black People™ Webinar Series, register today!

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