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#MusicMonday Celebrate yourself!

For today’s Music Monday, I am featuring my own music story. A year ago, in January 2020, I taught myself how to produce my own beats, as I have been writing songs since I was 6 years old, which is why my dad kept a folder of all the songs I wrote, and put me in piano lessons. Well, I purchased a piano at the end of 2019, it arrived in 2020, and I surprisingly remembered the songs I learned as a child. I downloaded the beat making software on my brand new HP laptop, added my piano as a plug in, and finally put all the music in my head to action! It felt like such a relief, all the music in my head finally came to life!

I didn’t know that the pandemic was about to happen, but I took the music I had created, 4 songs to be exact, and started looking for events to perform at, including events affiliated with SXSW, the country’s biggest music festival for up and coming artists! I signed up and performed at one event in February, and this event was looking for artists to feature at their SXSW event. I performed my song, “Organic”, and the crowd was so hyped, they gave me the best energy and I couldn’t believe that what I had created a month before was moving people to such excitement. I remember people singing my song even after I got off the stage, and asking me to do all types of collaborations. They were definitely feeling “Organic”, as it is my upbeat song about knowing who you are and standing up for your worth. I had the whole crowd singing, “Organic”, I’ll never forget.

So I signed up to perform at their SXSW event and that’s around the time the pandemic was becoming a larger conversation. I also signed up to volunteer at SXSW and was approved. Soon enough, the world was talking about shutting down, and Austin was talking about cancelling SXSW. I joined a group chat and everyone was excited, planning to meet, and talking about what we were going to to and what events we were going to attend. Meanwhile I was telling everybody I create music and was hoping to run into some producers, not anybody attached to a major label, but someone who could help me perfect my beats and help me record in a real studio. Well, the next thing was, SXSW was shut down, grocery stores had no food, and we were stuck home. I remember going to my favorite store, Trader Joe’s and it was empty. I had food already, but I wasn’t able to stock up like everyone else until a few days later, because I only shop at Trader Joe’s, It was crazy.

Well, I wasn’t able to continue performing, but I continued working on beats and writing lyrics like I do everyday anyway, but now I had the means to create the whole sound. I was happy with what I was able to produce on my own, self learned, and still hoped to get it out there. Then again, I remembered, my brand is people. I would much rather perform in person like in the past when I had performed spoken word, and I was more focused on performing rather than being signed to a big label. I hear the stories of these celebrities, and nothing is worth selling my soul or being muted for a check. I choose authenticity, so I decided to continue to work on my craft until the world is back to normal. I write music about knowing who you are, history lessons, and life lessons, I stay true to what I write because it is how I live, so my music inspires others to feel and live the same way.

Well, now that you’ve read and enjoyed that story, check out my music! I have written and produced 4 songs thus far, using my piano and music software. Once the world is back to normal, I will hop in the studio, and get back to performing. However, I’m proud of what I got! Let me know your favorite song! 🤩 and don’t forget to register for the Dear Black People Webinar series, enjoy!

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