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Just Start! #DearBlackPeople

At times, it may seem like there is somebody doing something better than you, you may think that your idea is not very important because you see someone else doing it, but, my dear, do you know that what God gave you is copywritten in you. I tell you, when you tap into God’s design for you, you won’t be concerned about who’s doing what, whether better or not, you’ll be too concerned with all God has given you.

I’ve never been the competitive type, I love doing what I do at the best I can do it, but it will never be driven by what someone else is doing. People wonder why I really don’t care, because I know God’s plan for me is designed and I am perfectly fine. People may skew your mind with ideas of billions and millions being the end all be all, making it seem like it’s earned overnight – which generational wealth is good, but going off of God’s plan to obtain quick riches is never worth it. That fuels a competitiveness that is never ending, even having to hurt and steal from other people just to be perceived as the best.

I was reading reviews of some wealthy CEO’s and I was shocked to see how many people said they were made to feel less than human, or that the CEO has such ego and tears people down, along with other horrible stories. I immediately asked God to help me never be like that, not that I planned to, but just to make sure I never am so obsessed with riches that I have to make someone else feel bad. Especially as a Black Woman CEO, I wish for everyone who ever works for me to leave feeling like they can also start a business. I want to tell them the best things about them, not make them feel less than. I can say this, because this is who I have always been with all my students throughout the years and my clients, I look to pull out the best in them, not the best of what I think based on their behavior or background. It’s never actually worth it to be cruel, and I have never had to be. Authenticity is a road that doesn’t always work fast, but it works for generations. I hope you caught that.

So again, don’t be deceived by what the world has to offer, you also have something to offer. It may be worth millions, and it may not be, however, you were given the grace and capacity to handle whatever has been given to you. Just know that within each step, God is preparing you, but don’t wait, ACT! You have to do the work to pull out that gift. For example, on Christmas day, do you leave your gift there and wait for it to open itself? I didn’t think so. I would hope that everyone who reads this leaves here thinking, “I have generational greatness inside of me.” Dear Black People™ Webinar Series ~ Register today!

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